Oral History Workshops:

P1000435I am available to head a short-term oral history project for you, or I can train your team so that you can create your own oral history archive.

If you would like for me to head your oral history project, please email me with the details about the initiative, the topic and whose voices you would like to include. It also helps me to know something about your community and why you have decided to undertake an oral history project at this time.

Oral history training seminars are usually weekend workshops that begin on Friday night and continue all day Saturday. The curriculum is an informal, shortened version of what I offer oral history classes at the university level. Participants learn interview techniques, practice ways of handling common problems experienced in the field, grow comfortable using their recording equipment and discuss some of the potential challenges and concerns of oral history. After that weekend, I schedule a handful of debriefings with your team as your interviewers gain field experience so that I can address the specific situations they have encountered.


Our present is the result of choices not fate. I work with students to learn how to analyze what they read, hear and see. In the process, they become active participants in a learning community where they can safely explore their ideas and begin to engage one another in thoughtful, respectful ways. As students learn to read sources, evaluate historical narratives and communicate their ideas, they begin to see how their lives fit into history. Hopefully, this will lead them to imagine a way to work toward a better, more equal future.

To see some of my syllabi of classes I have taught on civil rights history, oral history and public history, click here.

Public Speaking:

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