Know what makes even grant applications seem like fun?


Allow me to explain: I really, really, REALLY, REALLY HATE transcribing.

A couple of times a month, I think to myself, “Gee,  I can’t wait until I’m a professor instead of a grad student when I can finally do [fill in the blank with whatever it is I’m looking at].”

Usually this is a totally shallow desire–like earning enough to buy that ridiculously cute BCBG dress that is still too expensive, even when it’s 75% off. Or else it’s wanting my own office. Or it might be that I just decided what I would do if I was teaching this class but I have no power to make the change.

But number one on the list of what I will do when I am a professor and earning a living wage is hiring a transcriptionist. I’ll admit: occasionally it is fun to relive portions of a good interview, but those moments of surprise are so rare, even within the best interviews, that relistening-while-typing is basically drudgery.

Last week, I was so anxious to procrastinate that I voluntarily spent a day working on my “personal statements” for my grant applications. Now THAT is an act of desperation.


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