Quote of the week

Today, I went through the papers of Judge Robert L. Taylor. Judge Taylor was the federal judge who ordered Clinton, TN, High School to desegregate, so he had, of course, received many, many letters, most of which condemned his decision. Here is my favorite one so far, and I just have to share it:

From Detroit, MI, October 7:
“My wife and I have separate but equal bedrooms. … Shall we be compelled to integrate? I want to obey the law of the land, but she has never been too acquiescent about obeying anything, your Honor. …

I shall maintain my separate but equal bedroom until ordered by the H.C. [High Court] to do otherwise. Then of course my wife may throw me out, even after the ruling. An injunction may help persuade her to obey. Of course the battle is going to be between the court and her. And I think I know who will win that battle of the bedroom, don’t you?

Highly Disturbed Honest John”

My most pressing question: what poor woman was married to this guy?

(Unknown author to Robert L. Taylor, October 7, 1956. Robert L. Taylor Papers. Modern Political Archives, Howard Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Knoxville, Tennessee).

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